Renewing Christianity
From time to time the development of our humanity requires a spirit of renewal. We can observe this in humanity’s history. We also know this in our own personal lives. This spirit of renewal helps enliven and strengthen our work, our sense of direction, our lives.

A church of spiritual freedom through understanding and knowledge…
A meditative church service…
Religious knowledge and understanding including pre-birth existence and life after life…
The understanding and inclusion of the world of angels as part of religious life…
The spiritual dimensions of the New Testament yet to be discovered…
True Christianity not at its end but rather at its very beginning…
A modern Christian theology that incorporate such ideas as reincarnation and karma and a truly cosmic conception of Christ……
The Christian Community recognizes the Christian way to be a path of freedom. Fostering freeness and responsibility in the individual is seen as crucial in approaching a relationship with Christ Jesus’ deed and message. In keeping with the spirit of freedom, members are not required to sign articles of faith and are encouraged to form independent judgments in religious matters.

At the center of our work in The Christian Community are the seven sacraments in their renewed form. Through the sacraments, God becomes visible in the earthly world. Sacraments are visible expressions of invisible grace.

What really is this church?

In the Christian Community we receive this grace in seven Sacraments:

The Act of Consecration of Man
Sacrament of Consultation
Last Anointing
Ordination of a Priest
The Marriage Sacrament
The sacraments are the life and source of true CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY

For Children’s activities, the Sunday Service, Religious Instruction, and Festivals, please contact the local Priest

There are approximately 350 independent Christian Community Congregations worldwide, with several congregations in North America. Each congregation is financially independent and exists through the voluntary pledges and donations of its local members. There are regional and international administrative bodies to coordinate the work at those levels.

More information on the Sacraments, the movement and its history…


The Christian Community ~ New York City
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The Act of Consecration of Man

Sundays at 11:00 AM


Resident Priest: Rev. Gisela Wielki
Phone: 212 877-0208
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